Illuminary serves as a resource for anyone in business who has the drive to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of the creative mind. It is suited for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, see greater productivity, and live more vibrantly.

What? (The Science)

Brain Plasticity is a discovery that has emerged in just the last decade that asserts that our neural pathways are not fixed, but malleable and can be changed with applied conscious effort.
This act of consciously rewiring your brain is the foundation of each program because the key to innovative thought is building a strong framework of habits that encourage curiosity, exploration, and progressive and divergent thinking.

Cognitive Neuroscience has had significant growth in the understanding of specifically how these neural pathways work, showing us the specifics of how to enact changes that put our brain plasticity to work. 
When my programs help you understand the basics of this component of brain function, it takes Creativity from an ethereal concept to a corporeal process innate to each of us. This makes connecting with your creativity seem much more attainable.

Cognitive Psychology and Creative Cognition are two fields of study that help us understand not only why humans are wired for creativity, invention, and innovation but how our experiences as individuals shape our creative thoughts and the environments that foster creativity.
Recognizing this highly personal aspect of thought and creativity allows the process to be customized so that everyone sees successful results though any program I offer.

 How? (The Creativity)

Arts are the most obvious form of creativity, but it’s important to address one important fact: the ability to physically create art is not precluded by possessing a technical skill set or refined aesthetic. 
If your first reaction to the thought of making art is I can’t even draw a stick-figure! –don’t worry! You’ll still do great in any Illuminary program.

Additionally, art is a very broad term and at its simplest, means an act of creating, not the value ascribed to the finished product. Anything, when done with passion and a sense of adventure can become an art. 
This can include activities like restoration, coding, cooking, fashion, budgeting, gardening, even bubble blowing or yo-yoing! Illuminary’s strategy acknowledges a wide variety of skills, abilities, and interests. While there are some straightforward art components to the programs, it is used as a tool for development. Much larger components are based around connecting with whatever lights you up.

Creativity is, on a universal scale, any act of imagination or creation of original ideas. Quite often, “creative” and “artistic” are unfairly conflated; Self-perception as “uncreative” is a common limiting mindset that many people unthinkingly reinforce.
Illuminary’s programs strive to undo this thinking and instead reinforce the fact that being unskilled at drawing or music doesn’t mean you are incapable of original or imaginative thought. By addressing this, you become more open to seeing the multifaceted ways you express creativity and its benefits to both your personal and professional life.

Why? (The Brilliance)

Innovation is the result of an idea, product, or method being applied in a way that is both novel and valuable. It is inexorably based in the creative process.
To maximize innovation, my programs target the personal process of creativity so that each and every team member is thinking creatively and sharing ideas. This allows you to leverage the innovative power of every mind on your team, from the mailroom to the boardroom. Brilliant ideas often come from unexpected places. 

To stay viable and relevant, every business needs to be adaptable to the changing trends of the economy and the customer mindset.
Moving away from a fixed business model can be hard. That’s why Illuminary has programs that specifically develop the skills, habits and environments conducive to the divergent and innovative thinking that is necessary for a dynamic, sustainable business.

The landscape of what consumers expect and the tools we need to provide them with that is changing. Customer experience has rapidly become one of the most important aspects of sales.
Illuminary’s programs are designed to help build the framework for a work environment that builds up a workplace attitude which is reflected into a positive, memorable customer experience. Additionally, my programs open doors to developing a creative approach to curating a customer experience that truly stands out.

The rise of virtual services and ecommerce is giving consumers a wider selection and more decision-making power than they’ve ever had before. In a market that’s flooded with options, you and your business need to have an edge. 
The best place to find it lies within the creative power of yourself and your team. Because the creative process is unique to everyone, when your distinct selling point comes from this place, it cannot be replicated. Illuminary’s primary focus is on guiding you to that creative space and showing you how to maximize it to your business’ advantage.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a multinational corporation, an engaging and dynamic work environment yields a greater sense of balance and meaningfulness, greater productivity, and lower risk of burnout.
Each Illuminary program is designed to cultivate habits to create just such a workplace where you can expect to see results that balance the analytic and creative, boost innovation, and maximize time usage. Over extended time, these habits increase productivity while simultaneously sustaining engagement.

Stress, dissatisfaction, and burnout are pervasive problems that don’t discriminate based on the title you hold or the field you’re in. What many fail to realize are their deeper implications and the impact on your bottom line in the form of more sick days, higher turnover, lower productivity, poor communication, diminished customer experience, and lost sales.
I understand business and the parts vital to success, which is why my programs target integrating personal development into the workplace. I take a whole-person approach and double the impact by basing it in art/creativity which are proven to benefit both physiological and psychological wellbeing. My programs are multi-faceted and efficient so your business can be too.

Are you ready to become your own secret weapon?