Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, an engaging and dynamic work environment yields a greater sense of balance and meaningfulness, greater productivity, and lower risk of burnout.
Each Illuminary program is designed to cultivate habits to create just such a workplace where you can expect to see results that balance the analytic and creative, boost innovation, and maximize time usage. Over extended time, these habits increase productivity while simultaneously sustaining engagement.


Lunch ’n Learn-
À la carte selection of bite-sized concepts with big impact and actionable takeaways

30 minutes

Courageously Creative exploratory workshop-
Guided art making for fun and engaging team building

2 hours

Innovation Taster- “Engineering an Idea” learning and applying the brain processes of innovative thought and developing insight into creative literacy

2 hours

Team Building with a Twist-
Mindset-stretching and dynamic-building team activities designed for deep connection and out of the ordinary experiences inspired by the art world.

2 hours

Innovation In-Service- 
Combine any two 2-hour sessions

4 hours

Innovation In-Service- 
Goal oriented project designed to introduce the tools and skills for divergent thinking, innovating, and prototyping solutions

4 hours

Secret Weapon Workshop-
Fully customized workshop with goal oriented process designed to introduce tools and skills for divergent thinking, innovating, and prototyping solutions. Extended facilitated application time included.

8 hours

(including 2 breaks and lunch)

Innovative Workplace Consultation- Organizational or departmental assessment of creative culture. Executive level innovation training, strategy brainstorm session, and process prototyping using human-centered design to create a workflow strategy that fosters innovation from the top down and bottom up.

6 hours
executive training + workshops
can be full-day or three 2-hour sessions

2 hours
assessment + recommendations

Extended Integration-

Additional training to keep new skills fresh and establish lasting habits for innovation and success. In-person or digitally delivered.

8-16 hours

(recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in 2 hour increments)

Process Documentation-
Digital notes of brainstorm, prototyping, and break-out sessions


The What:
Practical tools to build a workplace that stimulates innovation, enriches the whole person, and uncovers hidden brilliance.
Offerings tailored to your organization to meet your needs regardless of the company size or field of work
Options for Executive (top-down) or Associate (bottom-up) trainings– or integrate both for a maximized effect.
Trainings to lead your team to develop their own creative skillset to reveal and empower the thought-leaders and unstoppable problem-solvers on your staff.

The How:
Based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, these programs work to develop new neural pathways that make innovative thought become second-nature.
Additionally, they utilize Cognitive Psychology and Whole Person Approach to allow your staff to become more connected with their work and happier all around.
The hands-on style of facilitation will keep you and your staff engaged and provide a practical approach to translate what you learn into easy, actionable processes and habits.

The Why:
What would it look like if your office had improved morale, plus lower stress, sick leave, and turnover?
How would increased productivity and the ability to leverage the innovative potential of every staff member from the board room to the mail room take your organization to the next level?
Illuminary offers a no-nonsense way to join the cutting edge of creative workplaces (without remodeling the office) to position your organization as an industry leader and see a multi-faceted improvement to the bottom line.

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