Illuminary for Organizations


Gain Clarity

We know the questions to ask to bring clarity to whole organizations or single projects. We’ll help your team get on the same page with a unifying mission.

Grow Empathy

Using a whole-person approach and user-centric design brings a critical element of lasting success. Design Thinking and Coherence techniques both bring empathy to the forefront, creating buy-in that keeps teams engaged and motivated.


Whether your looking to improve products, services, processes, orgaizational culture (or all of the above) we’ve got the tools to assess and help develop a roadmap to success.

Run Agile

Design Sprints and Rapid Prototyping with our signature combination of Coherent Communication means efficiency and agility. We’ll guide you through creating streamlined processes and frameworks which allow inter-departmental collaboration.


Maintain your market relevance and longevity as we bolster the innovative capacity of individuals and your organization. We’ll assess your areas of innovation and guide you to target underserved markets, improve speed to market, and pivot your products and services rather than reinventing them.

Nurture Wellness

Methods from the HeartMath Institute are proven to improve communication, intuition, and employee satisfaction. You’ll also see reduction in anxiety, fatigue, burn-out, sick leave, and turnover. This makes a strong and healthy organization from the inside out.