This ancient philosophy from the I Ching is as relevant today as it has ever been. 
When was the last time you dared to risk looking foolish? To let your true colors show, break the rules, or go against the crowd?  So, how many opportunities for brilliance have you passed by?

Headshot2My name is Tahirih Cahill and I am an artist, entrepreneur, and idea igniter.
My adventure into chaos began at age 26, when I left the traditional workforce to pursue an independent career as an artist. I was also up to my elbows in student loans and all things motherhood, yet I dared to go against what seemed to be reasonable or practical in order to be true to my Self. To pursue the (true-to-stereotype) career of a starving artist was certainly daring to seem foolish.

But creating was is my life’s passion, and I was tired of sacrificing that for the sake of fitting into a mold; I was absolutely depressed from being identified only with my job, my title, and all the other labels I was wearing. I knew that I could not go on sacrificing my Self to “the grind” and so repudiated the idea of being professional as synonymous with over-extended planners and endless to-do lists. I could not be relegated to the unhappy, uninspired masses that have turned making into simply doing.  

I like to think of these as my MacGyver years.
I like to think of these as my MacGyver years.

So I stepped into the chaos with less than $100 start-up, and a brain wired for creative thought. I watched obstacles simply fade away as I made my own road, defied convention, and leveraged every low- or no-cost resource available to me. The result? A business with risk-free overhead that not only lets me paint for a living, but lets me share my passion with my community by teaching, inspiring, and encouraging creativity. (Moreover, this one trepidatious step led to a business that, against the odds of startups, saw exponential growth in less than five years.)

As my business grew, I knew I struck on something. The world needs all the innovators, problem solvers, and inspirations as it can get–our future depends on it! And the way to get there is by guiding people to their own authentic, creative Self. I decided to spend the next two years researching the most recent psychology, neuroscience, and business trends which I combined with my own experiences and expertise. This crystalized into Illuminary– an individually customizable resource using applied neuroscience through an artistic medium. It’s for all types and sizes of business, with programs full of practical methods and measurable results. It fits seamlessly into busy schedules and works to allow anyone (really, anyone) to channel their creative energy to think divergently, be an innovator in their field, and to live vibrantly.

I will make your life more interesting– not by changing the scenery, but changing how you view it.
I will show you how to harness your creative spark to illuminate your greatest ideas, resolve obstacles, inspire others to their own greatness, and to feel radiant when you focus time for your Self.
I will be your guide into the chaos and show you how to fearlessly risk looking foolish.
I will not ask you to make big changes, I simply want to give you tools and habits that are truly life changing!

Are you ready to become brilliant?

I’ll be here when you are.

Peace, Love & Paintbrushes,