Illuminary is founded on the concept that within each of us is expansive potential just waiting to be revealed. Our approach to teaching you to uncover your great ideas, to become a compelling leader, or to feel more fulfilled with your work is simple:
Science + Creativity equals Brilliance.

Taking the concrete fundamentals of neuroscience, we combine it with the flexibility of creative practice (from the arts and beyond), to create entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders, and whole organizations that are vibrant, sustainable, agile, and competitive. 

Why? We don’t want to gradually improve upon the past, we want to help invent the future.


Illuminary itself embodies innovation. Our unique methodology takes the cognitive psychology and neuroscience of empathy, intuition, and creativity and integrates it with the physical act of creation to produce results that optimize both human and organizational potential.

We use evidence-based strategies like Design Thinking and Quick Coherence Technique® from organizations like IDEO and the HeartMath Institute to facilitate significant improvement in focus, engagement, impact and innovation.

Led by professional artists/creatives,  you benefit from the insight of minds that have been steeped in decades of creative practice, offering the fresh perspective needed to break away from outdated industrial paradigms and into the age of innovation.


When you work with us, no matter how large or small the capacity, we’ll begin with an intake call designed to identify your needs and how we can best serve them. Our goal is for you to feel heard and know that we have a deep understanding of your own goals. 

We strive to foster trust, both business-to-business and human-to-human. Within our services, ideas and individuals are valued. Our teaching and facilitation styles are mindful and multi-modal to reach across the spectrum of personality and learning traits. 

Whether we work with you on-site or off, our priority is to create an environment that is crafted to best serve the process we’re in. We know when to bring in excitement and stimulation and when a calm, focused environment works best.

And finally, we’re dedicated to supporting you or your organization; we create a plan to support your growth and change from inception to implementation because we understand that change is hard.



I’ve spent the last 19 or so years learning-by-parenting.  My return on investment has been immeasurable. In that time I’ve also written a book, complimented my English degree with a number of certifications across the spectrum of integrated wellbeing. I appreciate quality and value; I invest in people, methods, and things that do the job, do it well, and do it for a good long time.

I am forever curious and learning new things. I like it when science backs up the things that I intuitively feel good about doing, and I like to understand how things work. I think that’s why I enjoy being a HeartMath® Certified Trainer so much: delicious heart-centered science!


With 15 years experience in non-traditional education and facilitation across a spectrum of ages and abilities, I know when to guide gently, when to push, and when to get out of the way! I am formally educated in Fine Art and Graphic Design, spent the last several years in autodidactic learning about the cognitive neuroscience of the Creative Mind and observed it in action. Additionally, I hold certifications from The Neuroscience Academy, IDEO, and the HeartMath Institute.

I know firsthand that when we better understand and connect with the creative part of our being, we illuminate the boundless potential of the imagination and spark ideas that change lives and the world.


My two decades of professional mosaic work combined with 200 hours of yoga teacher training honed my unique skill of finding–and teaching– flexibility in even the most rigid.  As such, I specialize in informal adult education through my published mosaic book as well as immersive creative and yogic experience. Community-building is a cornerstone of my experience, from keynote speaking to philanthropic and community-centric art projects.

Working in mosaics gives me a daily reminder of the triumph of the human spirit. I have magic in my hands: I transform brokenness into beauty, where others see destruction, I see infinite potential and glittering possibility. 

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