5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Creativity (without taking extra time out of your day!)

If you are a busy business owner like me, or your work keeps you in a less-than-stimulating environment (this goes for you stay-at-home parents, too!), perhaps you can relate to the day-to-day monotony and have days (let’s be honest–weeks, or months) where you feel like you don’t get a moment to your self. No matter how creative or stimulating your work is, we all go through slumps of feeling bogged down and lackluster.

There is some pretty incredible brain science recently that is showing us that practicing creativity can give us just that boost we need to feel more connected, rejuvenated, and balanced. So I have put together some simple ways to give your days an injection of creative juice to give your work and life a boost without scheduling time out of your busy day.

1. Drive home from work/school/practice a different way. See how many different routes you can find, take time to notice what sets the districts or neighborhoods apart. Keep your eyes peeled for a new park to visit or restaurant to try!

2. Keep a doodle pad next to your phone or computer. When you feel your mind starting to wander, it’s a sign that you need a mental break. Instead of wasting effort and energy slogging along half-heartedly, or risk losing hours in a social media sinkhole, set a 10 minute timer and doodle aimlessly. Repetitive patterns are great for replicating the zen effect of meditation!

3. When going about your day-to-day activities, try to notice how many things make the shape of a smiley face. (Like these guys) Not only will you take time to notice details you tend to gloss over, you’ll find yourself smiling more, too!

4. Cook or order a food you haven’t tried before. This could be something you bring for lunch, or, if your family feels like being adventurous with you, plan an exotic dinner. These are guaranteed to spice up your day!

5. Join in our Instagram 30 day photo challenge. Jump right in, don’t wait for a new month to roll around. Just be sure to tag #findyourspark so we can see your awesome shots