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With something for educators, entrepreneurs, or executives, we bring hands-on change. From the classroom to the board room or anywhere in between, we create divergent thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators  


The lasting results from our unique offerings create stronger, more agile organizations while impacting individual development and wellbeing in ways that are proven to boost any bottom line.







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How might we best foster creative thinking and thoughtful communication in developing minds? We start with project-based learning for educators and administrators to demonstrate how creative thinking works at a fundamental level. We facilitate strategy development to build creative foundations throughout classrooms–not just leave it up to arts and extracurriculars.

We also love bringing science, creativity, and wellbeing activities to students of all ages to illuminate the innovators of the future.


Join the cutting edge of creative workplaces (without remodeling the office) and position your organization as an industry leader. Our wide range of  offerings let you start slow or dive deep. Our goal is to support lasting, fundamental changes that also bring multi-faceted improvement to the bottom line. 

We serve businesses,  organizations, and teams in a range of sizes and stages. As such, you'll never get a one-size-fits-all approach from us. We tailor our programs to meet your needs and use brain-based strategies that show lasting results.


From shoestring startups to major leveling up and the rollercoaster in between, we show up with energy and enthusiasm to provide actionable training and consulting for sustainability, innovation, resilience, and agility. We understand the nuanced needs of an entrepreneur and deliver training and consulting to match.

We provide live workshops with an action plan for you to hit the ground running. And when you work with us one-on-one we'll bring outside perspective and a team to support you in building a vibrant business while avoiding burnout.


I found the information FASCINATING and valuable. I will admit that the most valuable portion for me was the aha moment that being artistic and creative are NOT the same thing and the huge role creativity plays in every part of life. I believe there has been too much left brain/ right brain emphasis over the years and your class helped -for lack of a better word- free me from that self expectation. 

I LOVE the idea of programs to help wake up and release the creativity in those of us that have had or been suppressing it.

Alex Lundgren, Financial Advisor

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